Kiefel develops, designs, manufactures and supplies machines and plant systems for the processing of plastics, and provides a range of directly-related services. We act as a technological partner, supplying future-oriented solutions to our customers. Our long list of patents bears witness to this. The company offers core expertise in the fields of forming and joining technology.

The company is organised into divisions designated to “Automotive Industry“, “Appliance Indurstry”, “Medical Industry”, “Packaging Industry” and “After-Sales-Service” respectively.

Kiefel is active worldwide. We serve the market directly via a network of own sales and service centres and delegated partner organisations.

KIEFEL GmbH is a member of the German Brückner Group, a worldwide leading supplier of plastics machinery with some 2,000 employees. Brückner is the world market leader in the field of film stretching lines and also provides equipment for the manufacture of cast film and sheet as well as service & upgrading products.

MEDICAL Industry

  • For producers of bags for medical use, Kiefel offers fully-automatic plastics welding lines based on HF or thermo- contact technology, along with high-performance filling systems. Kiefel is a world leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of machines used to HF- and thermo-contact welding.
  • Technologies:
    • High-Frequency Welding
    • Thermocontact Welding
    • Special Welding Processes
    • Machineries and devices for the production of
    • Infusion bags
    • Blood bags
    • Colostomy bags
    • Urine bags
    • Catheter bags
  • PACKAGING Industry
  • Kiefel is also a partner to the packaging sector, above all as a supplier of highperformance automatic pressure forming machines and cup forming equipment. Kiefel machineries combine intelligent technology, perfect quality and optimum production rates with low costs.
  • Technologies:
    • Pressure Forming
    • Vacuum Forming
    • Machinery for the production of
    • Cups and lids
    • Trays
    • Hinged packaging
    • Blister packs
    • Transport inserts
    • Plant pots

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